Prophecy: Bringing The Afterparty to Chaos!

Prophecy brings the Endless Nights night-life experience over to Chaos, expanding the party vibes to all of the european datacenters. Functioning as a gentleman's club mixed with an underground nightclub, Prophecy is The Afterparty's cousin over on Chaos!Address:
Chaos Datacenter - Louisoix - Goblet - Ward 2 Plot 30

Currently under construction

    Dance Floor & Music

    With a unique design taking place on the main ground floor of a Mansion, Prophecy breaks the mold of what is known and usual. Featuring a triple-layered design and a massive centerpiece of a booth, along with a sizeable dancefloor and a raised bar, Prophecy is here to make a lasting impression.

    Special Menus

    Just like The Afterparty, Prophecy features a fully custom and unique menu, made just for the venue. With some returning drinks, and a lot of newcomers, you are bound to find something to enjoy.

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