Prophecy: Bringing The Afterparty to Chaos!

Prophecy brings the Endless Nights night-life experience over to Chaos, expanding the party vibes to all of the european datacenters. Functioning as a gentleman's club mixed with an underground nightclub, Prophecy is The Afterparty's cousin over on Chaos!Address:
Chaos Datacenter - Louisoix - Goblet - Ward 2 Plot 30

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    Dance Floor & Music

    With a unique design taking place on the main ground floor of a Mansion, Prophecy breaks the mold of what is known and usual. Featuring a triple-layered design and a massive centerpiece of a booth, along with a sizeable dancefloor and a raised bar, Prophecy is here to make a lasting impression.

    Special Menus

    Just like The Afterparty, Prophecy features a fully custom and unique menu, made just for the venue. With some returning drinks, and a lot of newcomers, you are bound to find something to enjoy.

    Private Booths

    Tucked away into the corners of the raised dance floor are the 2 unique private booths that Prophecy has to offer. Fancy yourself a dance from one of our Silhouettes, and would you prefer to take this somewhere private? These booths are the perfect place, and can be hired with a Private Dance!NOTE: Actual ERP is strictly forbidden and also not offered as a service. Please take any of these activities outside of the premises.


    For Prophecy, we've gone and recruited an amazing team of entertainers to help each and every single one of the attendees enjoy their night to the fullest. Wish to have a one-to-one moment with one of the Silhouettes, or simply want to be introduced to how Prophecy and all of its features work? Contact one of the Silhouettes or the Booking Manager!

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    The Silhouettes

    Below, you will find profiles for each and every one of the dancers we have employed here at Prophecy!Please remember to treat our dancers with respect and decency - any abuse or disrespect will result in a warning and potentially a suspension from our dancer services.
    For the aforementioned dancer services, we have multiple brackets for pricing. It is possible to book multiple dancers at a time, but this is limited to 2 dancers. Additionally, a larger than usual group of people booking a single dancer does result in a higher pricing.

    Introduction Bestie - 50k (per 30 minutes)First time visiting the venue, and wondering what all the fuss is about? Our Silhuoettes are more than happy to act as a true bestie, helping to introduce you to all aspects of the venue and answering all of your questions about the services available, the venue, or even roleplay in general.Beginner friendly!

    Lap Dance - 75k (per 30 minutes)Fancy one of our Silhouettes, and want to have them to yourself - perhaps take a closer look? Order a lapdance and get a personal showing by a noir to your choosing.

    Booth Dance - 100k (per 30 minutes)Want a dance from one of our Silhouettes, but don't want the rest of the club to enjoy the view? Take her into a private booth and enjoy some alone time.

    Companionship - 175k (per hour)Did your friends cancel on you last minute? Or got stuck in traffic? Still looking for someone to spend the evening with? You can book one of our lovely entertainers to keep you company.

    Payments are done directly to the dancer.
    To book a dancer, contact our Booking Manager on-site during our events!

    Arysta Rin

    Race: Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te
    Gender: Female
    Companionship: Available
    Preferred Partners: No Preference - Conversations for Lalas!
    Ever wondered what the heart of every party would look like? Look no further because Ary is as close it gets. This Miqo is an ever-excited ball of fluff, ready to bounce around the dance floor without ever stepping on anyone's foot.
    Try to catch and hold her down and you'll soon face the wrath of a huntress who won't be caged. Learn to dance to her rhythm, though, and she'll go above and beyond to make you feel special.

    Yaya Grimoire

    Race: Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te
    Gender: Female
    Compansionship: Available
    Preferred Partners: No Preference - Pats for Lalas!
    Yaya is an excited shy ball of fluff that was born and raised in Gridania amidst the Twelvewoods. After the calamaity she decided it was time for something new and moved to Limsa Lominsa. There she discovered her love for partying. If you see her at one of the many parties you should try and catch her and see what surprises this teasing Miqo’te holds~~~!

    Tora Gami

    Race: Xaela Au'Ra
    Gender: Female
    Companionship: Available
    Preferred Partners: No Preference - Cookies for Lalas!
    This demonic lizard loves to discuss her favourite bands, tattoos, and pose for photos.
    If you like to wave your arms about in the moshpit she is sure to follow! Any genre of music is almost sure to please though, just has to suit the mood, right?

    Damyssia Degoboshull

    Race: Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te
    Gender: Female
    Companionship: Available
    Preferred Partners: No Preference
    Damyssia is a somewhat wild miqote who likes to wiggle her hips on the dance floor. She doesn't stay in place and her energy could surprise you. This kittie could drive you mad with desire but be careful if you get too close she could scratch you.

    Lufia Obsidianschweif

    Race: Rava Viera
    Gender: Female
    Companionship: Available
    Preferred Partners: No Preference, conversations for Lalas!
    Growing interested in the outside world, Lufia left the shelter oft the woods, where she found the joy of dancing in the bustling cities. Be it bright and flirty on the dancefloor or calmly and relaxed chatting, Lufia will certainly provide you a comfortable and pleasing time

    Linesi Zeksrath

    Race: Midlander Hyur
    Gender: Female
    Companionship: Not Available
    Preferred Partners: No Preference, introductory services only.
    Descended from above, this Hyur has found true heaven on the dance floor. Whether gracing the stage with her divine movements or mesmerizing you with a glorious display in a more private setting, let Linesi be your guardian angel in your quest to find your own heaven.